We think art classes and craft workshops are fantastic and a great way to learn new skills, however, too many of us find ourselves stuck in a creative rut where we only create when we are being instructed/tutored.

Our events are about breaking out of this pattern, the focus is on you and your creative journey so that you are free to follow wherever inspiration takes you.

Our hosts are experienced coaches and mentors with a passion for arts and crafts who will provide all equipment and materials as well as guidance and feedback.

Creative Stays take place in inspiring UK locations giving you the opportunity to try out a variety of relaxing creative activities at your own pace with a great group of like minded people.

We believe you can help support and maintain well-being and good mental health by regularly giving yourself the time, space and permission to be creative.

People from all walks of life and all different ages attend our events.

Everyone is welcome from complete beginners to experienced professionals and everything in between.