Start: Q3 2017


Basis of employment: permanent full-time
Location: UK South-East, but fairly flexible on a day-to-day basis, with majority of time with clients, some time with the team in Sussex, and some time working from home.
Reporting to: CEO
Responsible for: delivery teams, but no direct reports; supported by admin and sales & marketing functions
Overview: Ninety is looking for a senior digital transformation delivery lead / consulting partner-level
individual to help sell and deliver client engagements. The role is split -between selling new business on
one hand, and delivering and taking full execution responsibility on the other. We are looking for
someone who will be responsible for winning their own new business and then delivering it profitably.
Ninety will bring credibility, case studies, sales & marketing support, existing client relationships, and
delivery capabilities to bear, but you will be the focal point that brings all this together into a strong
profit-making sales and delivery record. You must have a strong sales and client service record, and a
proven and impressive senior digital transformation delivery leadership experience. Targets to be
agreed with you.

Possible backgrounds: the role is likely to suit people with agency-side backgrounds, working for medium to large digital agencies, or in the digital functions of some of the system integrators (e.g. Deloitte Digital). Previous roles that may be relevant include Group Account Director, Client Service
Director, Project Director, Delivery Lead, Client Partner, Consulting Director, or similar. -

A different sort of company: we are an established boutique digital transformation specialist, working
with large global FS brands, and competing successfully with Big 4 consultancies. We are also set up as a
registered social enterprise, motivated by an underlying desire to use our profits to play a big part in
addressing causes of poverty in third world countries. 90% of our distributable profit goes to such
causes, with the other 10% being shared amongst staff as a profit share. Our vision is to give £1bn to
social causes over a 30-year timeframe. Buy-in to our vision and cause is an important part of feeling
part of the team at Ninety, and we will be looking in the hiring process for strong evidence of social
motivation over personal ambition.

Remuneration & reward: for discussion, but based on a competitive base salary, benefits including
pension and health insurance, and uncapped target-driven commission on top, plus share of 10% profit
share as well as the reward of helping the world’s poorest.

Becoming successful at Ninety: we are a business with huge growth ambitions and plans, who are
intentionally setting about building for scale. Your career path at Ninety can be exciting and varied,
including involvement in a potential series of innovation start-up initiatives. In the very short-term,
though, we will want to see success in both sales and delivery that cover your costs to the company and
thereafter a strong contribution to the bottom line.

Hiring process: we intend to filter CVs, hold brief initial Skype video interviews, then invite a handful of
candidates to formal interview. Those who seem to fit best at formal interview will be invited to a more
detailed interview at which they will be asked to present a proposal and talk through digital delivery
approaches. References will be taken up. We would rather take time and get the right person. We want
to build for longevity.


Purpose of role
To sell digital transformation projects and services to new clients, to sell further services to existing
clients, and to competently and excellently lead a team in delivering those projects to those clients. At
least 50% of your time should be billable and on fees.

Job responsibilities
Key responsibilities pertain to selling work and delivering projects:

  • Converting leads into sales.
  • Converting new clients into repeat business and building accounts.
  • Winning and delivering targeted fee income
  • Creating compelling proposals and pitching for new business opportunities.
  • Constructing project approaches, plans, and putting together estimates & financial forecasts for projects.
  • Recruiting project teams from staff, Associate pool and partner teams.
  • Briefing project teams and setting up project logistics as required, especially in liaison with
    partner delivery companies.
  • Helping clients set up projects and get them off to a good start.
  • Setting up contracts, and structuring strong and low-risk contractual agreements.
  • Kicking off projects quickly and successfully.
  • Overseeing project delivery and ensuring success.
  • Hands-on delivery role where helpful and appropriate, which may vary from minimal interaction to full-time involvement.
  • Billing your own time - at least 50% in a year.
  • Seeking extensions & value add sales to offer clients where helpful during project timelines.
  • Ensuring client satisfaction at every stage, and targeting a 4 or 5 out of 5 satisfaction rating.
  • Handling escalation & resolving issues, wherever they arise, but in particular if Ninety-initiated.
  • Driving maximum utilisation levels and billing opportunities, and ensuring invoicing is prompt, using admin support.
  • Reporting plans and progress to the Ninety CEO
  • Ensuring team wellbeing, and making sure all teams are happy, enthused and positive.
  • Promoting Ninety’s values, integrity & ethics.
  • Complying, and ensuring whole team complies with all relevant policies (both from Ninety and clients).
  • Handling miscellaneous other tasks as agreed with the CEO and other Ninety directors.

Qualifications and experience required
We are looking for the following hard skills:

  • Strong sales, business development and account management experience and outcomes: we
    want to see a wide body of evidence of direct responsibility and accountability for converting
    new leads into clients, gaining repeat business with existing client accounts, and building longterm,
    high-value client relationships through hands-on proximity to the client in a delivery
    leadership role. We are looking for people who can evidence that they can build and maintain a
    min. £1-2m annual portfolio of client accounts.
  • Strong, clear, broad and impressive evidence of direct responsibility and accountability for
    delivery of digital transformation initiatives for major brands. Digital marketing or advertising is
    not of interest, and we do not need you to have a software engineering background, but we are
    looking for evidence of primary delivery responsibility and hands-on execution of some or all of
    the following (with specialist teams acting in support):
    o Digital strategy consulting,
    o Digital roadmap development,
    o Digital solution design & implementation (e.g. new web platforms, trading systems,
    UX/UI, content management migration, CRM, etc.)
    o Digital technology delivery (e.g. digital tech architecture, data hosting, integrations, test
    approaches, security considerations etc.)
    o Digital solution support & maintenance (e.g. application support, structuring retainers,
    o Digital innovation work (e.g. ideation, minimum viable products, PoCs, etc.)
    o Throughout the above, we are looking for an evidence of a wide range of significant 6-
    and 7-figure project budgets and sales wins.
  • Strong team leadership, motivation, formation, recruitment, team member support, briefing,
    etc. along with client support, reporting, reconciliations, escalation, etc and project
    construction, planning, approach development, costing & estimation, resourcing & logistics, etc.
  • Ninety offers a new change model to large corporates (see ), based on test &
    learn & scale, customer co-design, and Agile collaboration. If this is not your bread and butter,
    then you won’t be successful in the first round of CV review. We will be looking for strong, clear,
    broad and impressive evidence of your thinking and successes in:
    o Test & learn methods, lean startup approaches, iterative methods
    o Customer co-design, UCD approaches, design thinking, customer research &
    o Agile collaboration, Scrum techniques, Scrum Mastering, Agile coaching,
    Jira/Confluence familiarity, Kanban understanding, and full use of digital collaboration
    toolsets like Slack, Skype, and more. We don’t need you to be a certified Scrum Master
    or Product Owner, but do need evidence of a range of projects that you have set up,
    designed, sold, and run that have embedded some or all of these techniques and
  • Evidence of strong client contractual management and understanding.
    We are looking for the following sector & market experience and understanding:
  • Ideally: general insurance (P&C) in the UK market
    Nice to have: general insurance (P&C) in other markets and/or Life insurance, Banking,
    Investment and/or asset management in UK and other markets

We are looking for the following personal attributes:

  • Intelligence, perseverance and hard graft: a demanding and high-calibre qualification may help
    prove that, but we are not hung up on qualifications per se.
  • Strong references: from previous employers, but also from previous clients. We’ll be looking for
    signs of performance and excellence, but also for evidence of character, integrity, and ethics.
  • Diplomacy, attention to detail, good numerical, organisational and time management skills and a
    genuine interest in business, plus excellent MS Office, interpersonal, team working and
    written/verbal communication skills.
  • Ethics, fairness and integrity, all of which are very important at Ninety, and will need to be
  • Alignment to our social vision, with a demonstrable willingness to put personal legacy above
    personal ambition.

Logistics & reporting
The role is based in the South-East of the UK. Ninety is HQ’d in London, but no team are located there.
You will spend as much time as possible with clients or prospects, or with delivery teams. Some work will
be home-based, and there will be regular team working days in London or Sussex. Projects or business
development will likely also require travel further afield. Ability to travel is important to the role, though
we are believers in strong work-life balance, and would seldom ask team members to work away from
home for extended periods.

You will report to the Ninety CEO and Senior Partner, who is overall responsible for methodology,
proposition, sales and delivery, and who will have their own sales and delivery responsibilities. You will
be working closely with them.

How to apply

Please send CV and cover letter to