Remuneration - The role of Treasurer is not accompanied by any financial remuneration, although expenses for travel may be claimed.

Location - West Midlands                                  

Time commitment - Four Board meetings per year

Reporting to - Board of Trustees (Executive Committee)                            

Changes UK

Since its inception almost a decade ago, Changes has been developing and delivering innovative, person-centred support for people seeking abstinent recovery from drugs and/or alcohol. Our approach to recovery has been developed by service users and is peer led - in other words, people who have lived experience of achieving and maintaining recovery lead the way and provide the support that service users need.

We understand that abstaining from drugs and alcohol is just the beginning of building a new life free from addiction; therefore Changes provides services that support the whole recovery journey - from dependence to independence. We provide a detox service, community based rehabilitation, supported and move on housing and opportunities to gain accredited qualifications, volunteering and work experience. Service users at the beginning of their recovery journey are supported 24 hours a day by qualified staff and our specially trained volunteer peer mentors.

They also have access to our Recovery Academy which, over an eight week full time course, begins to build the knowledge and skills that service users need in order to maintain their recovery, build a personal recovery support network (including mutual aid groups) and learn to live life to the full.

Changes staff and volunteers are passionate people - we all consider it a privilege to work with people in recovery - and we know that we can help those looking for a new life beyond drugs and alcohol.

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