The future of Europe is being shaped right now, with the EU Council meeting in just over two weeks to set a blueprint for the economy over the next ten years.

This is the culmination of work that was started by the EU President and Commission at the start of this year, in a consultation on the Future of Europe.

Co-ops from across Europe have come together under the auspices of Cooperatives Europe to champion the case for a more inclusive and sustainable future, a Co-operative Economy for the continent.


We want to ask if you could back this campaign running on social media over the next two weeks.

The campaign title is #CloserEurope and we would ask you to sign up to our Thunderclap campaign 

This is a way for everybody to sign up in advance to send 1 tweet and/or a Facebook post using the same message and campaign hashtag, which will be released on December 11, when we launch a substantive submission for the Council on seven ways to back a co-operative economy for Europe.

It takes 2 clicks and 20 seconds of time, for individuals and we are trying to spread the word. 

We want to prove that we are open and active as co-operators, with a vision of a fairer, more participative economy closer to the people even in an age of a return to nationalism.

Join this vital campaign and push for a Europe built on the principles of co-operation. 

Click here to read more about the White Paper on the Future of Europe.