Job Title: Opportunities for entrepreneurs at Ninety
Location: London sites in SE
Close Date: 28/02/2018
Salary: Negotiable

Job description: Ninety is a social enterprise that seeks to bring together good business and social change. 90% of distributable profits go to charity and 10% goes to our staff. The vision is to generate £1bn for grants and social investment over a 30-year period. Ninety is focused on helping large insurers be more innovative, and build vibrant entrepreneurial cultures within these large, complex businesses. At Board level, this might be helping devise digital strategy. At a business unit level, it may involve exploring ideas in a very customer-centric and Agile manner - testing and learning, iterating MVPs, failing fast on weak ideas, but moving to pilot quickly for strong ones. Ninety also help train corporate entrepreneurs and create innovation factories within our insurance clients. We have won numerous awards for our projects.

To help with this work, Ninety are looking to recruit entrepreneurs who can identify with our social mission and who have experience as a real-world entrepreneur. You need to be tech savvy, relatively mobile, experienced in the use of Agile methods, able to listen and distill knowledge between corporate employees and their potential customers. You need a passion to make things happen - bringing transformative change to corporate cultures can be frustrating. Although this work with insurers is currently the primary business, Ninety wish to develop some of our own ideas and create new businesses and/or take positions in start-up businesses which are of interest. We expect that some of the entrepreneurs we employ would be able to take ideas forward and get new businesses started or advanced.

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Point of contact for applicants: [email protected]